Over the past three decades, the Khalili Foundation has been a global leader in promoting interfaith and intercultural relations. The Foundation has supported and driven a number of internationally recognised projects that use the power of art, culture and education to bring people together. Our partners include UNESCO, the Commonwealth and the Prince’s Trust.

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The Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity

This book marks the 20th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. Working closely with UNESCO, the Khalili Foundation has seized this historic moment to invite leading scholars, leaders, activists, and artists from a variety of backgrounds to offer their unique perspectives on the social significance of cultural diversity. Together, these perspectives form a rich and comprehensive contribution to one of the most important discussions of our times. Produced and published by the Khalili Foundation. Edited by Waqās Ahmed.

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Faith in the Commonwealth is a joint initiative between the Commonwealth and the Khalili Foundation to deliver Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and religious literacy in an interactive, practical and contemporary way.

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Professor Sir David Khalili, The Khalili Foundation and its initiatives have had the longstanding support and of UNESCO.

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The Khalili Foundation and The Prince’s Trust, through the Mosaic Initiative, together launch an exciting new social integration and youth leadership project.

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The Aspen Institute UK, in partnership with the Khalili Foundation, is launching the ‘Designing for Diversity’ webinar series, in which we explore these pertinent questions. It is part of the wider World Festival of Cultural Diversity which, in association with UNESCO, is bringing together various intellectual and creative initiatives in collective celebration of our world’s cultures.

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The Maimonides Interfaith Initiative, a project of the Khalili Foundation and supported by UNESCO, promotes understanding and respect between people from the three Abrahamic faiths through a series of grassroots projects relating to art, culture and education. The initiative is named after the 12th century philosopher Moses Maimonides, whose ideas epitomised Abrahamic unity.

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An audience with His Holiness Pope Francis, December 2013, with whom Professor Khalili discussed the activities of the Maimonides Interfaith Initiative.


Professor Khalili speaking at the 2018 Global Hope Coalition Annual Awards Dinner

As Chairman of the Khalili Foundation, Sir David has been honoured with a number of global humanitarian positions. These high-profile platforms allow him to promote the ideals of peace, unity and cultural preservation to audiences at the grassroots and decision-making levels worldwide.

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Gifts &

Over the last three decades, the Khalili Foundation has given a number of substantial grants and gifts to various international organisations, educational establishments and charities.

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Gifts to the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
"The biggest weapon of mass destruction is ignorance. And if ignorance is the problem, educaion must be the solution"
– Professor Sir Nasser D. Khalili