Commonwealth Secretariat and Khalili Foundation launch youth-led peace ambassadors initiative

The Commonwealth Faith Festival, launched by the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC and Professor Sir Nasser David Khalili, Chairman of the Khalili Foundation, aims to foster collaboration and understanding among youth, peacebuilding, faith, and community groups across the Commonwealth. This initiative, part of a collaborative effort between the Khalili Foundation and the Commonwealth Secretariat, seeks to amplify peace-building projects by creating a robust network of groups and facilitating productive dialogues throughout 2024. By emphasising the power of faith in promoting Commonwealth values and unity, the festival endeavours to address societal issues through youth-driven initiatives and partnerships.

During the launch, speakers highlighted the significance of faith in fostering mutual respect and trust, extending beyond religious contexts to encompass various aspects of life. Sir David Khalili emphasized the universal nature of faith, emphasising its role in everyday scenarios such as healthcare and transportation. This inclusive perspective underscores the festival’s overarching goal of promoting unity and collaboration across diverse communities, transcending mere tolerance to achieve meaningful engagement for the betterment of humanity.

As part of the festival, youth engagement activities are planned, including training sessions on alternative dispute resolution, project design, and peacebuilding. Participants will have the opportunity to develop peacebuilding projects in their communities, with the most innovative initiatives receiving recognition through awards. By empowering young people and community groups to actively contribute to peacebuilding efforts, the Commonwealth Faith Festival seeks to inspire the next generation of youth peace ambassadors and drive positive change across the Commonwealth.


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