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The Return of the Sámi Drums – The Sámi Museum in Karasjok participates in festival

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For the World Day of Cultural Diversity, The Sámi Museum in Karasjok will prepare a 360° virtual tour in RUOKTOT – The Return of the Sámi Drums.

RiddoDuottarMuseat – Sámiid Vuorká-Dávvirat, 2022-2023

SÁPMI – The Land of the Indigenous Sámi People

You will be able to explore an innovative virtual environment that will transport you to the Arctic as a visitor to the vibrant cultural world of the Sámi, an Indigenous community who lives in Fennoscandia.

As a virtual guest, you can take a tour of the exhibition titled “RUOKTOT”, which in Sámi means returning home. The exhibition chronicles histories of appropriation of the Sámi drums – sacred belongings of the Sámi ritual specialists, called noaidi in North Sámi.

Join the virtual museum guide to explore the ongoing cultural significance of these sacred objects, taken away through histories of missionization and colonization, and reclaimed by contemporary communities to facilitate a process of healing. 

To be released on May 21.

European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture joins the festival with two exhibitions

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ERIAC Berlin and ERIAC Serbia prepare two exhibition openings to mark the Day of Romani Resistance on the 16th of May, presenting various Roma artists.

The Gypsyism, Balkanism – Through a Glass, Darkly exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia, displays five artists from the Visegrad Region and Serbia who engage themselves in intimate dialogue with the history of – frequently hurtful – representations of Roma, while Emerging Talents – Spring Salon exhibition in Berlin, Germany, introduces six innovative and experimental Roma voices in contemporary art.

Both events are associated with the Khalili Foundation’s World Festival of Cultural Diversity.

Learn more about the event in Berlin

Learn more about the event in Belgrade


The Prince’s Trust joins the festival with Youth Round Table activities on cultural diversity

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The Prince’s Trust will host four round tables with a diverse group of young people currently being supported by The Trust.

To promote a wealth of experiences and opinions, the sessions are hosted across four nations in cities that have been carefully chosen; Glasgow, Birmingham, Belfast and Cardiff. These cities are all highlighted in The Trust’s Place-Based Strategy to support young people within urban areas where deprivation is more prevalent, the majority of the population are situated, and there is a higher average of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Communities.

Watch the trailer with session highlights


Announcing The Royal Institution as a festival partner with upcoming event

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As part of the World Festival of Cultural Diversity,  join us for a discussion with expert speakers offering a global perspective of scientific progress and a radical retelling of the history of science, exploring how scientists from Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific have shaped our understanding of the world.

The panellists include Dr Lawrence Dritsas (Edinburgh University), Dr Matheus Alves Duarte da Silva (St Andrews University), Dr Hansun Hsiung (Durham University) and Dr Federica Gigante (University of Oxford, History of Science Museum).

Tickets here for the event ‘Towards a Global Story of Science’

The National Museum of Australia is participating in the Khalili Foundation and UNESCO festival initiative

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We are delighted to be collaborating with the National Museum of Australia as part of the World Festival of Cultural Diversity.

Firstly, on Saturday 13 May 2023, there will be a special event in association with the National Museum of Australia’s exhibition Feared and Revered: Feminine Power through the Ages.

Experience a tapestry of sights, sounds and tastes in this celebration of cultures and communities from around the world. Taste delicious food, browse market stalls, enjoy music and dance performances and get inspired with our family friendly activities and workshops at this free event.

We are also very excited to share the exhibition Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters that showcases five First Nations songlines from Australia’s Western and Central Deserts. It uses over 300 paintings and photographs, objects, song, dance and multimedia to narrate the story of the Seven Sisters and their creation of the continent as they travelled from west to east.

The exhibition is currently showing at Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac.

As part of the festival we will share a video of the visit of First Nations community representatives to the exhibition launch in April.


Khalili Foundation supports Museo De Arte de Lima in the World Festival of Cultural Diversity celebrations

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We are glad to announce that Museo De Arte de Lima is participating with three events in the UNESCO festival initiative.

Firstly, a workshop called  “The transformation of territory as seen through art” will focus on the transformation of the landscape through the centuries. Local problems will be addressed, such as population growth and its impact on the environment, the process of urbanisation and citizen transformation from migration. Participants will  think about possible solutions through collective artistic creation.

There will be a talk about museums for the promotion of sustainable development and well-being, as part of the Month of Museums. Guests will discuss the ways in which museums contribute to the promotion of well-being and enjoyment, the creation of sustainable futures, and the development of our communities through its exhibitions, educational and public programs, and research and community outreach activities.

‘The Courtyard Fair’ – ‘La Feria del Patio’ -seeks to promote the economic reactivation of artists and independent ventures, which were affected by the consecutive crises in Peru. The event is proposed as a platform for artistic projects, independent brands and ventures, to bring them closer to the public interested in learning about new proposals, and acquiring accessible artistic pieces and objects.

Find out more


Heritage Malta is participating in the World Festival of Cultural Diversity 2023

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We are delighted to announce a special opening of Fort St Elmo and the National War Museum with re-enactors bringing history to life in every corner of the museum. Travel back in time through Roman, Medieval, and Early Modern eras, right up to the French occupation of Malta and World War II.

Heritage Malta is the Maltese national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage.

Find out more here

Announcing MAKAN, the Egyptian Centre for Arts and Culture, as festival partner

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Makan, the Egyptian Centre for Culture & Art was founded in 2002 to record and promote traditional music in Egypt, increasingly in danger. The centre documents and presents traditional music in Egypt as a vibrant and renewable resource, a multi-layered point of reference to the cultural richness of Egyptian music and arts.

The musicians of Mazaher, Um Sameh, Um Hassan, and Nour el Sabah are among the last remaining Zar practitioners in Egypt. Zar music unfolds through rich poly-rhythmic drumming: its songs are distinctly different from other Egyptian music traditions.

Photograph: Om Sameh performs on the stage of the Egyptian Centre for Culture and Arts-Makan in Cairo.

Enjoy this video that Makan has prepared especially for the World Day of Cultural Diversity.


The Vietnam National Museum of History is participating in the World Festival of Cultural Diversity

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We will be joined by The Vietnam National Museum of History in our 2023 festival celebrations. The museum will share a short film named “Vietnam’s betel and areca cultural heritage through the collection of artefacts at the National Museum of History”.

The video introduces the heritage of betel nut and the custom of betel nut eating – a unique cultural feature of the Vietnamese people.

To be released in May.

Introducing Matenadaran, the world’s largest repository of Armenian manuscripts, as festival partner

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We are delighted to share the Matenadaran in Yerevan, Armenia as a participant and partner in the World Festival of Cultural Diversity.

The project is a 3D tour of the whole Matenadaran museum complex. The virtual tour comprises of the permanent exhibition hall where selected samples of Armenian manuscript art and miniature painting are currently displayed. This hall gives an overview of the most diverse fields of Armenian historiography, literature, science and culture going back to the early Middle Ages.

You will also be able to experience the exhibition hall, which holds foreign-language manuscripts from Latin, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Georgian, Ottoman Turkish, Ethiopian and more, highlighting the cultural diversity of the collections. In addition, visitors can view the hall dedicated to the manuscripts from Artsakh and Utik.

The foundation is delighted to share this immense project with our audiences.

Explore the 3D tour here