Faith in the Commonwealth

Professor Khalili is a leading voice in the global movement to advance mutual respect and understanding amongst nations in the world today. Building bridges has been a consistent theme throughout his life’s work and he has been recognised globally for his contributions in this field.

Over the past three decades, Professor Khalili has been actively involved in a number of ambitious and innovative projects through the Khalili Foundation; a family charitable endeavour that has the mission to connect people through the power of art, culture, education and the natural environment.

Through the Foundation, Professor Khalili has driven a number of projects to connect people of different cultures, faiths and beliefs. Following a decision to take the message of unity globally, its most ambitious project to date is a unique collaboration initiated in 2016 with the Commonwealth Secretariat whose patron is HM The Queen. Launched in 2017, following a seed-fund donation by the Foundation of £250,000.00, the ‘Faith in the Commonwealth’ initiative supports religious literacy and ‘global citizenship’ among young people in the Commonwealth and beyond. The partnership between the Khalili Foundation and the Commonwealth Secretariat sets a new global standard and will empower a new generation to collaboratively address the ethnic, cultural and religious challenges facing the world today.